Google latitude

Google latitude,

Created as a way to ifnd people? or means of finding them… either way, this type of device should never have been created and should be annilhated, but because of the growth an greatness of googles worth it shall not fall but live on.  How do you ask this thing works? The google latitude is the thing people who spend countless hours on google earth have been waiting for. A device to stalk, find, an search out other people, jus by adding a simple device onto your phone. Now you may think,”it needs to be on my phone, if i dont add it then i wont need to worry” but you are completley wrong. others out there are looking out and finding ‘loopholes’ around those thoughts. They take a a cheap phone, add that application google has jus mindlessly added, an find a place to put it where it will always be with you. Example  your car, or bag, anythign thats close to you at all times.

Now how does facebook tie into all this?  people love telling where an what they are upto for some strange reason,strange as it,  they do. Now these people use this device called “cellular phones” access the interent, update what their doing, so others can look them up. Let them be friend, ur mortal enemy, or even a stranger whose never met you in your life. You could be being stalked at this very moment your reading this, people know where you are and what you are doing thanks to google an facebook… two highly trusted sites, but even so they ae highly trusted, are they at all secure from the bad peoples of society? or even worse?

Putting an image of yourself on the interenet may not seem so wrong, i mean there are duplicates of people out there who look like you talk like you and ectera, but even so, that chance is so slim, the chance of a cement truck driving into ur neighbors house on a wednesday of a sunny july, has a higher chance in happening. Trying to find employees over the internet, sure go for it. I mean that 16 year old boy u see on this “FACEBOOK” profile of his, is completely legit. you’ll get a meeting with him, first head to head meeting, an to your surprise its a 83 year old mad man. So i really believe in hiring over the interent espicially if your going through their face book profile which is obviously ALWAYS legit, i mean, no one lies on the internet, Take Wikipedia, All there things are legit…Right?


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