2008 techs

The techonologies that changed the way the world is in 2008 are “Wii fit” and “I-pod touch”


The Wii fit helps people  so they can exercise even thought theyre playing a game. The wii fit applies to people of the age 8 to 80. The wii fit has changed the way exercising will go as we know it. The wii fit game comes with a board you are able to stand onto perform many exercises and techniques that can and will help you stay in tip top physical shape. The wii fit game it self has many types of options for exercise so you wont be bored just doing needless mindless exercising with boring syntematic game play. The Wii fit is a product liscensed by nintendo and is quite popular not only with the young people, but the old, espicially the old.


The Ipod touch was another great thing that came out in the 08, it revolutionized the music industry as we preceed it. The i pod touch uses new styling technology that u can easily -touch- an go. With this feature more vastly sold out, you can expect copycats around everywhere an so we can expect greater an more awesome things from both the apple industry and copy cats. The I pod touch made a big impact on touch, a bit bigger than the DS had on touch screen techonology


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