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Computers…. A lifetime

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The ENIAC was huge, it would fill up an entire room just to maintain its




The room had to be air conditioned just for it to work properly. The ENIAC had many switches so many it would put DJ’s to shame! Outputs and inputs over and over the ENIAC was very interesting invention for its time. What the ENIAC did it would calculate and solve on questions that needed to be done. The ENIAC had 1800 tubes each the size of a small light bulb! The size was about 8.5 by 3 and took up 680 ft! the transistor was used to transfer the data between the computer and its mainframe. The transistor of the ENIAC was much bigger than transistors now-a-days but It still does the same job. “The first practical point-contact transistor was built in 1948 by William Bradford Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter House Brattain. Patents for the concept of a transistor date as far back as 1928 in Germany, though they seem to have never been built, or at least no one ever claimed to have built them.” Andrew Zimmerman Jones.  The integrated circuit is a multi purpose tool used for many  things, it was first made by Geoffrey W.A. Dummer. The integrated circuit used vacuum tubes to hold the wires in place. The Timex Sinclair was a computer styled old fashioned laptop, but it had no screen, it was used for a door stop   

the first home computer was quite small and the screen was not in multi colour but in greens. The computer quite diminutive and uninformative


Matthew Hoogwoud


1.Turing Machine- What is it? Explain the concept.
2.Apple Computer – What was their first product? Who built it? How successful was it? Where did it start?
3.Who were the next followers.
4.What was Bill Gates’ first product. What made him money. How did he begin to make money. How did his company influence the computer business.
5.What are all of the Windows operating systems ever created. Write out a simple timeline and some of the features and advances of each.

1.Turing machines are basic abstract symbol-manipulating devices, A Turing machine that is able to simulate any other Turing machine


2 An apple computer is much different than a microsoft, Apples first product was a hand made personal computer, made out of wood. it was made by steve Wozniak, it was very successful and was sold for 666.66$       


3 The next followers of the Apple was the mac which was a great successor to it


4. The first thing bill gates made was the programming language binary, the product which made him money was MS basic, he mass provided his products and this product changed the way computers are made today.


5. 1983-Microsoft windows announced

    1985- Microsoft windows 1.0

    1987- microsoft windows 2.0

     1990 microsoft windows 3.0

    1992- microsoft windows 3.1  

    1995- microsoft windows 95

    1998- microsoft windoes 98

    1999- microsoft 98 SE

    2000- Microsoft windows ME

    2001- Microsoft windows XP

    2006/7- Windows Vista









These 5 important things are very important to me me becuase they all changed the way we live, th cellhone we can communicate even when not at home, the atari changed the gaming experience, the television is just that great. The Nes started the nintendo franchise and pushed the gaming world to the next level. last but not least the best of them all the computer, if we never had them, the world would cease to exist.


ICT- school year wants

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In this year of ICT i would like to learn how to build my own computer so whenever i should play games it would run faster than other computers that are currently on the market. I am interested in hardware components, because without the hardware there is no software. To me a piece of technology i could not live without is a computer with interent, A computer with internet is a Tv, a board game, a phone, an mp3(if u know wat ur doing). Somthing i would love to learn in this course is how to build my own computer, how to make it better from the rest.  I also would like to learn how to use macro media flash better because i already know the basics but im not good at usuing it to its maximum potential.

ICT – TO THE EXTREME! homework :3

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Hard Drive- the hard drive of the computer is where all the main and permanent storage is kept until deletion, if you have 50 gb of things on ur computer and a 80 gb hardvie u have 30 left to do watever with
CPU- the cpu is the OS, if it was a XP os, it will have windows xp
Motherboard – the motherboard is the circuit board where all the wires and plugs connect to and are sent elsewhere throughout the computer
Power Supply- the power supply is the tool in the computer which converts the power from the wall and divides it up accordinly amongst the other components in the PC
PCI- “Peripheral Component Interconnect” these connect straight to the mother board and utilitize of a multi range of components, eg, internet, sound, usb drives etc.
PCI Express- is just like PCI but with less shortcomings and more bandwith to increase computer speed and software, it operates like a network, unlike pci which operates as a bus

USB-“Universal Serial Bus” it is a universal connecter where many appiances use the same outlet
Firewire- is a wire that can transfer data between two components at amazing rates and speed
IEEE-1394- a firewire that is used for real time transfer, frequently used in personal computers
LCD -“Liquid Crystal Display” these are crystals that are in tvs and monitors, some controled by a shutter and are lit up by a light source behind them, portruding a different colour by the shutters or amount of light going throught them.

Plasma (in relation to screens) – unlike LCD plasma uses a type of chemical which powers the colours of the screen, both LCD an Plasma are flat styled screens, but LCD is more used for computers
HDMI -“High-Definition Multimedia Interface” a small component which helps the audio and video drives by increasing its quality
RAM – random access memory, RAM is used as temporary memory that may or may not be stored in the harddrive, Ram helps with system speed and games
Flash Memory – flash memory are like micro Sd cards and other, they help transfer data between computers and computers or computers and devices that use them
AGP – Accelerated Graphics Port” it is a dedicated way for the computer to transfger data and increase graphics

DVD- Digital Verstile Disk, These hold data and other things that can be either put into a dvd player or into ur computer, for computers they are mainly used DVD-R and Cd-R, Dvd-r are commonly used more because of their greater capacity

Zomg of awesomness!

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zomg! if ur reading this then ur have too much time on ur hands and the reason im writing it is CAUSE i got time on my hands Mwhahaha



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Hello world!

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